Background of the study

Background and objectives of the German Brand Monitor

Over the last 20 years, brands have shifted to become a key focus for marketing practitioners, business economists, designers and consumer psychologists. Yet although brand and design are increasingly recognized as central factors in value creation, holistic brand experiences continue to be more of an exception than a rule. Often it’s a matter of: branding = communication.

Here, a look at branding practice shows us that successful brands are experienced in a way that is consistent – an overall package derived from the positioning, consisting of offer, message, design and behavior. Branding is therefore not just a matter for marketing and communication departments, but should be firmly anchored in all areas of a company. Only this way can all points of contact with the brand pay into the “brand account” equally so that a comprehensive and convincing brand experience is conveyed.

Against this background, the “German Brand Monitor 2017/2018” study shines a light on the status quo of German B2B and B2C branding. The central challenges here are to examine and analyze tools and trends in branding.

Here there is a particular focus on all aspects of brand implementation. Alongside the brand perspectives and the correlations between branding and design, the study also looked at internal implementation, i.e. the anchoring of the brand image within the organization and amongst the individual employees.

The survey focused on the following questions:

– What is the significance of strategic brand management in German companies?
– What objectives, tools and challenges dominate branding practice?
– How should we judge the status of brand implementation activities?
– What role does internal branding play here?
– How is design applied as a strategic branding tool?
– How is the function of “branding” structured and anchored in an organizational sense in German companies?

The “German Brand Monitor”, published by the German Design Council, GMK Markenberatung and the German Brand Institute, provides answers and highlights opportunities and potential for optimization.